Are You Prepped For Spring Cleaning?

If you are not yet prepped for Spring cleaning then here are some cool and efficient cleaning tips and cleaning tools to implement and use.



Spring House Cleaning









7 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need To Try Today!

I get asked all the time, “Melissa, after all of these years cleaning stuff, how do you still hate
cleaning?” Well, the truth is, it just hasn’t grown on me! I can, however, say that I know how to clean
quickly and efficiently—so at least I don’t have to waste any time when I do […]
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7 Expert Car Cleaning Tips!

I live in the suburbs just outside of Toronto, and for those of you who don’t know, Toronto has traffic
that rivals only New York and Los Angeles. Needless to say, it’s pretty tough to get anywhere in this
city, which means you’re in your car a bunch. In turn, your car becomes an extension […]
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Spring Cleaning Tools And Products









7 Must-Have Spring Cleaning Tools & Products!

We’ve been encouraging some serious spring cleaning for a few weeks now, so hopefully, you’re
polishing away and getting your home to really shine! But if you still need some motivation, I
thought it would help to have some of my favorite spring cleaning tools and products, both new and
classic—things that really let you … Read More

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10 Things You Can Clean With Baking Soda!

Why should we clean with baking soda?

Hi, Allen here wanting to share this cool video below from Melissa. Not only will she teach you about the amazing power and awesomeness of using baking soda for a ton of cleaning tasks, but also it’s properties to neutralize the toughest odors in the strangest places too.

I always tell my customers how important it is to start out with the least abusive cleaning method that you have for any type of cleaning problem. Using all natural things like baking soda and vinegar is safer and a heck of a lot healthier for our eyes, skin and lungs.

You can always work your way up the cleaning solutions if something does not work well.

Enjoy the video below as Mellissa has a fun and intertaining way of teaching what she knows and by all means please do leave any comments below and share this with a friend via social buttons at bottom of page …Thanks.


 10 Things To Clean With Baking Soda

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For A Clean And Healthy Home You Will Be Healthier In

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clean and healthy home, mountain fresh air

Clean and healthy home with mountain fresh air!

The Number One Solution For A Clean And Healthy Home!


“It’s finally the winter season in Huntsville, Alabama, and keeping the indoor environment a clean and healthy place should be on everyone’s mind.”

Kill the odors, clear the dust and bring that pure mountain fresh air into your home this winter! Read on…

Being stuck indoors …it seems we are cleaning and dusting as fast as it gets dirty again. Sealed windows and closed doors keep the fresh ionized air and the fresh new Ozone that is outside OUT!. That’s not a good scenario for free floating dust matter or us having to breathe all that particulate matter in.

All that stagnant air in turn causes any slight lingering odors to fester and grow and unless we get some ozone and ionization going indoors we are in for some awful indoor air.

Most folks still do it the old fashioned way with good ole fashion elbow grease cleaning thoroughly using unhealthy cleaning chemicals and deodorizers. These harsh cleaning methods are only additional lung irritants for us so why use them now that you know?

Having low to no Ionization means dust will keep stirring and floating in the air we breathe with every breathe. (ionization is negatively charging  particulate matter making it heavier than air and falling from the air that we breathe.

Having low to no fresh Ozone indoors causes indoor odors to linger and sometimes grow. You will usually notice your home’s air situation by a simple self air test. Leave the house a few minutes and then slowly walk back in while breathing in through your nose.

What did you smell?

Need A Clean Air Solution?

1: Visit and become informed of why so many people get so sick during the “I’m Stuck Indoors” cold wintry months. And learn the Newest ways to quickly solve that problem Fast by simply changing the air that you breathe. Check out the smartest technological way for your clean air solution. Click that link above for more knowledge, resources and various air cleaning product models to fit any air purification solution.

2: Have a question? Ask me, I’m here to help with any indoor air problems you may have.

3: Also, have your Carpets and Upholstery cleaned by your local carpet cleaning services. Carpets and Upholstery also hold soil, bacteria, odors and dust that spread throughout your home and into the air that we breathe.


The Number One Solution For A Clean And Healthy Environment!