10 Things You Can Clean With Baking Soda!

Why should we clean with baking soda?

Hi, Allen here wanting to share this cool video below from¬†Melissa. Not only will she teach you about the amazing power and awesomeness of using baking soda for a ton of cleaning tasks, but also it’s properties to neutralize the toughest odors in the strangest places too.

I always tell my customers how important it is to start out with the least abusive cleaning method that you have for any type of cleaning problem. Using all natural things like baking soda and vinegar is safer and a heck of a lot healthier for our eyes, skin and lungs.

You can always work your way up the cleaning solutions if something does not work well.

Enjoy the video below as Mellissa has a fun and intertaining way of teaching what she knows and by all means please do leave any comments below and share this with a friend via social buttons at bottom of page …Thanks.


 10 Things To Clean With Baking Soda

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