Best Carpet Cleaner-Needing A Good Carpet Cleaner?

Hi, I’m Allen and…

Everyone here at Allen’s Carpet Cleaning would love the opportunity to become your choice In a Best Carpet Cleaner!

Are You Tired Of the Rest And Still Needing A Good Carpet Cleaner?

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This captain’s cleaning crew left stains on the bridge floor carpet. Captain says, “computer search earth for best carpet cleaner.”

Then here are some fast tips to help make sure that your next carpet cleaner is the best carpet cleaner.

  • Did they respond in a timely manner on first contact?
  • Did they sound knowledgeable in their profession?
  • Did their prices seem to be on the fair side?
  • Do they have lots of online reviews on Facebook?
  • Do they have lots of online reviews on Google Places?

It always helps to feel like your questions were well answered on the initial first contact but it’s as important to spend a little time and check reviews.  Social media cannot lie because it’s the opinions of folks just like you and I sharing with our neighbors our hiring experiences.

Hope this helps you in finding an awesome carpet cleaning services vendor near you.

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Number One says, “Captain, I’m plotting a course for earth! We are taking the Enterprise to Allen’s Carpet Cleaning.” Captain says, “You know, I heard they were the best carpet cleaners. Make it so!”

If you happen to be visiting my site and live near Huntsville Alabama, by all means  Click to my carpet cleaning tab in the menu (below right) for more info or give us a call for a quote. We would love to have your business!

-Allen B

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4 thoughts on “Best Carpet Cleaner-Needing A Good Carpet Cleaner?

  1. Hi there
    Awesome post and well done for getting the message out there.
    It’s the only way to promote one’s business and it looks like you have universal approval, judging by the comments of some of your customers.
    Now that Xmas is just around the corner, I suspect that you will be in great demand, with everyone doing their bit to have their house all spic and span for the Big Day
    Continued success
    Cheers PB

    • Thanks for stopping by Phil. Yes, a lot has changed in three fast years taking my business from 75% apartment complex accounts to 95% happy residential customers. It is going to be my first holiday season running two crews servicing residential homes …my favorite customers 🙂

  2. Hi Allen

    Love your tips for finding a good carpet cleaner.

    I wish the carpet cleaners in my area had great websites like yours. Loved the star trek photos, was a nice touch.

    I will be telling my friends in your area about you guys! And in the meantime I will definitely be using your tips to get me a good carpet cleaner 🙂

    • Nice to have you visit SJ. Thanks for the compliment on my site. There are a ton of things I’d like to get done this winter with it (like dress up the fonts and headlines and repair a few lost photos from hosted sitesbut the phones won’t stop ringing and I’m busy with upscaling my business with no credit history. So, it is upscale as I can as I go for now. Anyways, do not forget those good carpet cleaner tips from my post next time you hire one in your city.

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